1. Beyonce Knowles among the top hundred influential people


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    In commemoration of workers who were killed and injured in Rana plaza in Bangladesh in April 24th 2013


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  5. Because art is expressed in so many ways. Zombie Boy #Bodyart#tattoos#art#


  6. kredibility:

    A big S/O to my stylist friend, Bryan Emry. This photoset presents some of his work.


    designers; Wambui Mungai, Ann McCreath, Sunny Dolat & Rugene Mike.

    stylist; Bryan Emry.

    photographer; Rico kabuthia Shao

    models; Allan Tuli & Andalia Maureen


  7. dynamicafrica:

    The LaurenceAirline Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook is here.

    Heavily influenced by creative director, founder and designer Laurence Chauvin-Buthaud’s travels between France and Cote D’Ivoire, we once again see the menswear designer incorporate a mixture of subtle but classic motifs and designs from both of her geographical influences. The looks are simple but highly dynamic presenting both casual and formal aesthetics.

    See the entire lookbook.

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    All Africa, All the time.

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    i just forgot about all my problems

    this kid is one billion times more real than i’ll ever be

    I love Destin!! lol

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    Happy Friday🍸🍸🍸